WP Media Cleaner

Do you have a WordPress site and want to trim down on the bulk of your site files but don't want to have to look through your uploads folder with a fine-toothed comb? Give WP Media Cleaner a try. It searches through your uploads folder, finds files that aren't used. … Read more

Do you have a WordPress site and use "WP Download Manager"?

Please update your plugin to ensure you're fixing a vulnerability found in versions below 2.7.4. #wordpress   #security   #plugin   #update   Embedded Link Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Found in WordPress Plugin There is an easily exploitable remote code execution vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin that helps … Read more

"Infinite WP" WordPress plugin vulnerability notice

For anyone using the Infinite WP WordPress plugin, make sure you've updated your plugin so this vulnerability is no longer present on your site. #wordpress   #plugin   #vulnerability   #infinitewp    Embedded Link Vulnerability found in Infinite WP WordPress client A Sucuri researcher found a vulnerability that could allow … Read more

Quick WordPress Tip

Don't lose visitors to sites you're linking to! You could check all your external site links to ensure they will open in a new tab/window… ~OR~ You can load this plugin and select the setting to have all external links open in a new tab/window — and it's set for … Read more