Another good article that looks at entrepreneur traits

I have a lot of these traits… guess I was meant to be an entrepreneur! (I’m #1,2,6,7,9 and 11. Woo!) Embedded Link 12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur The traits and circumstances many people might consider a liability may actually just be the perfect fuel to drive you … Read more

I tend to use “I”

Though, when a project truly is a collaboration with another colleague, I do use “we”. What is your preference? I’d love to hear why one is better than the other for you. My business is too small to use “we” effectively. If I hired out more, and could handle a … Read more


Oh good! I’m doing something right. Referrals are the only form of business I do these days. I love referrals because everyone is more accountable. Plus – when I have good clients, I love to keep them. It takes less energy to keeping an ongoing relationship with a client than … Read more

Wow – look at the effort this pizza company has gone to

They ensure their email campaign message is seen, whether or not your email program automatically loads images or not. #marketing   #emarketing   #brilliant   #timeconsuming Embedded Link PizzaExpress Inspires With Images-Off Email Optimization – Litmus PizzaExpress Inspires With Images-Off Email Optimization. In all of my Inspiration posts thus far, … Read more