WP Media Cleaner

Do you have a WordPress site and want to trim down on the bulk of your site files but don't want to have to look through your uploads folder with a fine-toothed comb? Give WP Media Cleaner a try. It searches through your uploads folder, finds files that aren't used. You can review and put … Read more

WordPress: If you're not using the TwentyFifteen theme, delete it

If you are using it, be sure to update it! #wordpress   #vulnerability   Embedded Link WordPress JetPack and TwentyFifteen DOM-based XSS Vulnerability | Sucuri Blog A XSS vulnerability affects Jetpack and Twentyfifteen, both installed by default in millions of WordPress installs, caused by a flaw in the genericons package. Google+: View post on Google+

WordPress is an excellent content management system

If you stay on top of updates (and use strong and secure passwords), your site will be in great shape, security-wise. ~~~ "Most content management systems are actually incredibly safe, and the core installation of WordPress is among the most secure on the web." "At the end of the day, they [site insecurities] can all … Read more

It's important to keep your WordPress software, plugins and theme files upda…

It's important to keep your WordPress software, plugins and theme files updated. #security   #wordpress Embedded Link SMBs Neglect WordPress Sites and Flirt with Danger A new study from CodeGuard reveals that many small business owners take unnecessary chances when it comes to protecting their WordPress websites. Google+: View post on Google+