WordPress: An interview with Jean Egan

Last month, I was interviewed by Travis Blair of TheZarf.com. Below is a link to the interview. Check it out – it is chock-full of helpful information and not at all a vanity piece 😉

Does HTML make you cross-eyed?

You don’t need to learn HTML to create and maintain an awesome looking site that is an extension of you and your business. Jean can show you how.

Easy PayPal Button

Say you don’t have time or money to create a website with a shopping cart, but you still want your customers to be able to quickly, and securely pay you online. If you have a PayPal account, you can create a button for your site that will allow your customers … Read more

How to install a plugin

Note: I created this post for a former sub-site I created and used to manage but managing multiple sites took too much energy so I’ve been adding relevant information onto this site as I see the need to share it. In this lesson, I install a Plugin called “FormBuilder”. This … Read more

Easiest WordPress Tip of the Month EVER

Lynda.com offers lots of the beginner WordPress classes that are free of charge. Their learning format breaks training into smaller, digestible chunks to allow you to learn everything at your own pace. (Alternatively, you can also skip what you know and pick up a few classes on subjects you want to learn more about.)

There are many beginner classes that are free, and their monthly charge is pretty affordable if you want it all!

Also of note: Many of their training classes are now Closed Captioned for people who are hearing impaired or are otherwise unable to listen to the video. (Great for jedi-ninja-cubicle learning!)

The linked page should go to a WordPress search page on their site, but don't let that constrain you. If you have learning to do on many software or programming subjects, check out Lynda.com - you won't be disappointed.

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WordPress Tip

Informal tip to recommend Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. It allows much more control than if you just plop the analytics code in your header. Give the video a watch – it’s very informative! Google Analytics for WordPress Adding Google Analytics to WordPress is easy, using it’s complete power, … Read more

Is your WordPress database FAT?

Fat Car
(For the curious, click the photo to see more of this artist’s work, unrelated as it is to this article. Photo credit to the linked site.)

Is your WordPress database larger than it needs to be? Perhaps you’re moving to a new server and having trouble uploading the database because it’s too large?

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WordPress Table Shortcode Builder

If you’re like me, you’ve probably needed to create nice looking tables for your WordPress hosted site but haven’t found a good shortcode for it. Well, today’s your lucky day (and mine)!

That’s because I found this post by Kevin Chard. However, I encountered results that weren’t quite favorable:

Variables not parsed - table contents

As you can see, it wasn’t parsing the variables at all. So, I made a few minor adjustments to his code.

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