Are you using a mac and want to easily share a video recording of your screen?

I’m using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and just found out it is extremely easy to share my screen. (including audio) This will help me to share small WordPress tutorials. Horray!

To do this, simply find and launch the QuickTime that comes with your machine. Once this application is open, go to the “File” menu and select “New Screen Recording”.

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Dealing with Spammers

I recently received a lot of what is called “Backscatter” spam email messages. These types of spam messages are different than regular spam in that the messages I received were from the “Mail Delivery System” and “Mail Delivery Subsystem”. (MDS) They were notices that emails that “I” tried to send didn’t get sent. I emphasise the word “I” because, well.. because I didn’t send them.

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Einstein Thoughts

I have been learning more about Einstein and will share thoughts that I find to be profound. (Mostly so I don’t forget them!) I hope that you enjoy them as much as I am. It is amazing the difference one person can make to this world.

If anyone understood the propagation of sound waves, it was Einstein. When asked the question “What is the speed of sound?” from the “Edison test”. Einstein admitted that he “did not carry such information in my mind, since it is readily available in books“.

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Helpful Job Search Sites

I've shared this list on my website before, and think that it is helpful enough to serve up again. This list has helped Graphic and Web Design friends and colleagues to find their new wonderful jobs.

(Updated 7/24/19)

The links will open up in new browser windows. Feel free to email me any job search sites you've found to be helpful that I don't have listed. I'd love to keep the list active. Let me know if you find a broken link along the way. I'll try to keep it current and helpful 🙂

Freelance work in particular

Still good sites, but they tend to not have stuff in my area:

    (animation world network - wow, they have improved their search function. Also more positions are showing up in CT and MA. Don't be fooled, it's not just animation jobs that are posted there, also graphic design, so check 'em out!)
  • Creative Hotlist

Not a very good site at the time I checked, but check anyway! They may have added since.