Upgrading to WordPress 3.2.1

Hello clients, colleagues! If you are hosted with me and are interested in learning whether or not it’s “safe” to upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1…I want … Read more

A perspective on Google+ Circles

I had written a small amount of this on a FB friend’s status, but I thought I would expand what I’ve written and share here, … Read more

Is Photoshop’s “Save for web” desaturating your images?

While “saving for web” in Photoshop, if you notice a desaturation of your colors, here is a quick fix: Before saving for web, go to … Read more

Protected: Park well, friends.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Excellent Gallery Plug-in for WordPress – NextGen

NOTE: I’ve been doing a lot of linking to other people’s site blogs. This is partly to help me remember where to find the information … Read more

Layering a Flash animation below a div element

This article impressed me enough to share it. If you are creating a website with a css drop-down menu that happens to rest directly north … Read more

Centering a horizontal unordered or ordered list menu

This article does a great job at showing how to center a horizontal menu. Unfortunately, drop down menus off of that centered list need to … Read more

WordPress 101

Discover the value and benefit of using WordPress to create your website. In this class, you will follow along with an example site as it’s … Read more

How to create a client portal in WordPress

Update 3/28/2017: My client continues to use this setup and is very happy with it. We’ve set his default page to be protected because he … Read more

Dealing with Spammers

I recently received a lot of what is called “Backscatter” spam email messages. These types of spam messages are different than regular spam in that … Read more


Recently, my husband and I have been getting more inspired. This afternoon, we briefly talked about how much time we can spend thinking about doing … Read more

Car conversion stuffs started!

Holy cow. I can’t believe I’m finally starting in on this. I feel like I’ve read about it and talked about it for so long, … Read more

My top 25 played iTunes songs

In an effort to get to know friends better, and for friends to get to know me better, I share my top 25 songs from … Read more


I wrote this to a friend, but thought I should post it for other friends as well. This is so hard for me to say, … Read more

Another Prema Medation

I must admit, I’ve not been very good at writing down my experiences, but when I do, I’m glad to be able to remember them … Read more

Einstein Thoughts

I have been learning more about Einstein and will share thoughts that I find to be profound. (Mostly so I don’t forget them!) I hope … Read more


Ingredient X posted this at one time, but they don’t seem to anymore. I love it, so I must post it unless they ask me … Read more

Protected: Earring Designs

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Protected: Bacon Potholder

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Wanna metaphysically blow your mind?

A friend sent this link to me a year ago almost to the day. It blew my mind to try and comprehend it. Help yourself … Read more

Ah, the Memories…

Don & Pam, you will appreciate this much more than anyone else I know.

Helpful Job Search Sites

I’ve shared this list on my website before, and think that it is helpful enough to serve up again. This list has helped Graphic and … Read more

I’m lopsided! My earrings give me away!

This was taken after I had all my mercury fillings replaced with Cerec brand ceramic inlays. Good stuff. Not much “exciting” stuff to write about … Read more

Car Sharing

I wrote this to a friend, and thought it would be worth posting: As usual, it looks like Austin is ahead of the country with … Read more

Additional WordPress Usage

Well it looks like others have thought of the same solution that I have: to use WordPress, which is primarily “blogging” software for use on … Read more

Prema Meditation

Last Friday I went to a Prema Meditation class and it was so interesting, I have to share it. The class is small (7 people … Read more

Stephen Wiltshire

I don’t know this person directly, but would like to share his talent with people I know. He was born to draw! Amazing. Here’s what … Read more