Looks like it's time for another server patch and reboot

Here's another article with a pull quote below:WordPress users are advised to disable the XML-RPC process completely or to block pingback requests. Server administrators are advised to update their versions of glibc as soon as possible. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2878252/ghost-linux-vulnerability-can-be-exploited-through-wordpress-other-php-apps.html #exploit   #ghost   #gethostbyname   #linux   #wordpress   Embedded Link PHP … Read more

WordPress – Vulnerability Alert

If you have a WordPress site, please take a moment to check your plugin directory to see if you have a folder called "revslider". If you do, please make sure that plugin is updated. Envato is offering the update for free download & can be accessed through a link from … Read more

Do you have a WordPress site and use "WP Download Manager"?

Please update your plugin to ensure you're fixing a vulnerability found in versions below 2.7.4. #wordpress   #security   #plugin   #update   Embedded Link Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Found in WordPress Plugin There is an easily exploitable remote code execution vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin that helps … Read more

"Infinite WP" WordPress plugin vulnerability notice

For anyone using the Infinite WP WordPress plugin, make sure you've updated your plugin so this vulnerability is no longer present on your site. #wordpress   #plugin   #vulnerability   #infinitewp    Embedded Link Vulnerability found in Infinite WP WordPress client A Sucuri researcher found a vulnerability that could allow … Read more

Note: Keep your WordPress (and Drupal) software updated!

Here's another vulnerability that we all must take seriously. Both WordPress and Drupal have initiated a patch to block this attack, so please make sure to update your WordPress (and Drupal) software to protect your site and the server you're on. #wordpress   #vulnerability   #dos   #update   Embedded … Read more