What is money?

I’ve often thought about what “money” really is – what it stands for.

It’s energy.

We only have so much energy to spend in a day. We can choose how we spend our day(s) and are rewarded by our expenditure of energy with another form of energy.

Money is just a “frozen” form of energy.

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A perspective on Google+ Circles

I had written a small amount of this on a FB friend’s status, but I thought I would expand what I’ve written and share here, too! I’m embracing the new social media site, Google+ (G+). Here’s why:

To my friends not already on G+ here’s some background: G+ is like a mix between Twitter and Facebook.

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Recently, my husband and I have been getting more inspired. This afternoon, we briefly talked about how much time we can spend thinking about doing something, rather than just doing it. With the time that we’ve spent thinking of doing it, we could have done it, five times over.

But why have we procrastinated?

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My top 25 played iTunes songs

In an effort to get to know friends better, and for friends to get to know me better, I share my top 25 songs from iTunes (since it keeps track!) I encourage you to do the same. I’m sure I’ll experience new music! Have fun!

1. Across The Universe – The Beatles

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I wrote this to a friend, but thought I should post it for other friends as well.

This is so hard for me to say, but our cat, Snowy died this morning just after 3 am.

We found her in the back yard close to the shed, lying on the ground. Her pupils were dilated, and her hind quarters were cold. Her front paws were getting cold. She was still breathing, but barely. As we spoke, she responded by moving her front paws a bit.

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Another Prema Medation

I must admit, I’ve not been very good at writing down my experiences, but when I do, I’m glad to be able to remember them for a longer period of time, and much more vividly than if I do not write anything down.

In a previous meditation, Norm had asked us to go to the center of source and experience it. What I experienced was a very white ball of light energy, but not so bright that I couldn’t make out the structure of it. It had many long “fingers” going out to lesser light energies, of many different colors. I understood those lights to be us humans.

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Ingredient X posted this at one time, but they don’t seem to anymore. I love it, so I must post it unless they ask me to take it down! [quicktime width=”425″ height=”330″]https://jeanegan.com/images/fun/buystuff.mov[/quicktime]