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Automattic acquires BruteProtect

This is great news! I will try this out and may be consolidating my current line-up of security plugins.

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Automattic Acquires BruteProtect To Help Keep WordPress Users Safe | TechCrunch
WordPress now powers so many websites, it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite target for hackers. To keep its users safe, Automattic – the company behind both..

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Well this is cool

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Search Everything for WordPress Reborn, Now With Writing Helper
Every blog needs good search functionality. Visitors want to find content
they desire, and the blogger needs to find their own posts when linking.

Search Everything is the most reliable and efficient search plugin for It extends WordPress’ default search engine so that you can
find more types of content. You can control which custom taxonomies, 
attachments, types of comments, etc. that the plugin should consider when

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Multi Plugin Installer

Do you create many sites in WordPress and are looking to speed up your plugin installation and activation? Give this plugin a try. I've found it to be wonderful.

I tried others but ran into technical difficulties. This one worked like a charm.

Now if only I can script all the plugin settings to be as quick ;)

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Multi Plugin Installer
You can install multiple plugins in one go with Multi Plugin Installer plugin.

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I don't use the Disqus plugin for WordPress, but thought I'd share this article…

I don't use the Disqus plugin for WordPress, but thought I'd share this article to notify anyone who does use that plugin that there is a vulnerability.

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Disqus plugin v2.77 for WordPress vulnerable to CSRF
Just days after Disqus updated its WordPress plugin with a patch to CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities, a security researcher has again discovered CSRF vulnerabilities, which the company has seemingly missed out the first time around.

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