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Some interesting tips to reduce your database size

I use many of these, but there are a couple new ones for me. (Like the image compression plugin.)

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7 Tips To Reduce WordPress Database Size
Serious about speeding up your WordPress-hosted website? Then you’ve likely shelled out money for a clutter-free design or codes that reduce the loading time of your site. And if you’re anything …

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Too many thumbnail images created for your WordPress site?

I found this code helps control the bloat. It's especially helpful to be able to "unset" image sizes created by parent themes that aren't used in child themes. For that, just change 'thumbnail', 'medium' or 'large' to the name that the theme author created and you will no longer have those sizes generated.

A nice companion to this is to use the "Regenerate Thumbnails" plugin, as you will probably find that you want to delete all of the additional sizes that were created from the original photos and start fresh by regenerating only the sizes you need.

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Remove WordPress default media image sizes — Studiograsshopper
How to stop WordPress from automatically creating any or all of the default image sizes during the media upload process.

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