Wow. The programming that went into this is just amazing. Love it

Not sure if you need to have Chrome to do this, but I'd be interested in hearing if this works for everyone who's reading this.

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Fancy a trip down memory lane?
Just enter the address of the place you grew up and let the memories come flooding back. Then maybe follow the prompt to write a letter (or sketch a picture) to the younger you that lived there then, saying what you really want them to now know. 🙂

Tip: If your computer is on the sluggish side, close your other browser tabs and applications first. Minimising your main browser window works best for me (after you've entered your address and pressed the 'play film' button).
BTW, Arcade Fire are a wonderful band to see live if the opportunity arises.

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The Wilderness Downtown
Check out Arcade Fire's new interactive HTML5 music experience, “The Wilderness Downtown”.

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