Wow – say goodbye to the importance of a “degree” (in the future) and say…

Wow – say goodbye to the importance of a “degree” (in the future) and say hello to

This is revolutionary!

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Your kids WILL have to compete on a MUCH more level playing field than we have ever had to. This might sound far fetched to you – but get back to me in 10 years….It is not so much impacted by if YOUR kids get a $100 degree….but by the 100’s of 1000’s of OTHERS who couldn’t previously get the same degree….but now can, that is the impact to consider.

Students in poorer countries will absolutely be graduating with the same degree as your kids (from the same institution) and be competing for jobs in your country without them having to be there. What are you doing to prepare your kids for this? This is very related to my work in outsourcing so it is all around me, but most people think that their kids will be in much the same circumstances as they were/are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The way it will be done will see an increase in quality in many areas – some wont work that way yet, but ways will be found – but as you can see here Stanford lecturers are not poor quality offerings.

Price wont equal quality – price will equal different delivery method – not necessarily better.

It will be great to see some more meritocracy in the world of higher ed. It will give us all a shake up we were not thinking possible – but most of us or our kids wont be prepared for it.

The importance of an actual degree will also diminish in many sectors (not all), clear skill capability will become more important over the next decade -there will be more ‘prove yourself’ options as internationalisation of the workforces of the world progresses. A slightly different topic but very relevant.

There is so much to say about this topic of the future of the workforce, it’s training and how it will impact the world of work for our children…not the space here for it. Just please consider – what are you doing to set your kids up to deal with that world….most are still going down the traditional route of – “good education’ “degree” …… “career”. Take a look at what things might be like then, not now, and ask yourself what do you think will give your kids the best chances… might be different to what you think right now.
Very much worth a look……this is the very early days – and already it is moving faster than I thought it would just a few years ago.

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How Would You Like A Graduate Degree For $100? – Forbes

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  1. It's evolution rather than revolution. Distance learning has been changing over the last 20 years to take advantage of the technology improvements and this is another step on that road. 

  2. Good point, Oz. I'm so impressed with this new model of learning. Share the courses for free – or very low cost – and pay for the certificate. I love w3schools for this same reason and will most-likely get certified in my areas of competence if it so requires. (Plus, it's freaking cheap, why not?)


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