Would you like to exclude some pages from your site navigation?

Do you have a page that you don’t want to appear in the main navigation of your site? Often my clients will have email campaigns that they want to direct clients to a specific page of their site without having it appear in the navigation of the site. Or perhaps you have a “Thank you for subscribing to my Newsletter” page – which is also not necessary to show in the navigation.

Although many themes allow you to manually build your site menus by going to “Appearance” -> “Menus”, with bigger sites you may prefer to have the site navigation dynamically built. (Less upkeep in the long run.) In this case, is there an easy way to exclude some specific pages from appearing in your site navigation?


“Exclude Pages from Navigation”, a Plugin

Simply search for and load this handy little WordPress plug-in. It allows you to very easily exclude pages from appearing within the menu of your site. Once installed and activated an option will appear below the “Publish” and “Page Attributes” areas to the right. It will look like this:

To make the page hidden, simply uncheck the box & publish/save your page!

*Please note that this plug-in works for pages but not for posts.

Pro Tip

If you also don’t want the page to be indexed and found on a search engine, be sure to load the “WordPress SEO” plugin I mentioned back in August and tag the page with “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”.

Enjoy your new powers!

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