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It’s summertime! Does your WordPress database look good in a bikini? Here’s a quick way to trim the fat & make it super sleek!

(If only it were that easy for us humans!)

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Fat Car

Is your WordPress database FAT? › Jean Egan
Is your WordPress database larger than it needs to be? Perhaps you’re moving to a new server and having trouble uploading the database because it’s too large? The WordPress default maximum upload file…

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9 thoughts on “WordPress Tip of the Month”

  1. Very nice, Acadia! Oh, hey, do you want to have notifications of future WP Tips? I didn't know you were a WP guy. Sexy!

    Oh, nice Panah. (No growth? Aw!) Cool to see you maintain it – wow, seems like a lot of energy invested in it – hope it can work for you again in future.


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