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Are you looking for a versatile calendar for your WordPress site? Consider creating a Google Calendar specifically for sharing events on your website and using this Google Calendar Events plugin:

I recommend you create an additional Google calendar within your Google account specifically for your site is to keep control of what calendar events are displayed on your site. (If you share your main Google calendar, it will automatically show event invitations from other people in your G+ circles even if you have declined going to the event.)


To create a new calendar:
Log into your Google account and navigate to your calendar page. Click on the small arrow to the right of the “My Calendars” menu item on the left menu. When the menu flies out, choose “Create new calendar” and follow Google’s steps to create and populate your new calendar from there.


Hello friends! I didn’t share a Tip of the Month for November and December so we all could enjoy the holidays. Hope everyone will a great new year!

Best wishes & have fun!

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Google Calendar Events
Parses Google Calendar feeds and displays the events as a calendar grid or list on a page, post or widget.

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