WordPress is an excellent content management system

If you stay on top of updates (and use strong and secure passwords), your site will be in great shape, security-wise.


"Most content management systems are actually incredibly safe, and the core installation of WordPress is among the most secure on the web."

"At the end of the day, they [site insecurities] can all be linked back to insecure practices on the part of either a plugin developer or the end user – not the platform."

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There’s a perception among SMBs that security on WordPress is a non-issue. That needs to change. They’re putting themselves at risk – …

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2 thoughts on “WordPress is an excellent content management system”

  1. but be ready to give up on your life. haha. I don't even remember the date anymore. Seems like I am fixing security issues, server issues, performance issues all day every day 😀


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