WordPress Custom Fields

We all see it... that Custom Fields area hanging down below the editing pane for each page - but have you used them?

Custom fields are very helpful when you're looking to create dynamic data (especially helpful per page/post) that you want pulled into your theme. I'm currently using it to color the background and header image for a site in development.

This is easy stuff for developers, not as easy for non-techies, but not impossible!

Here's an overview of the steps to use Custom Fields: Within the WP page or post interface, establish a value (the variable) and create a key for it. Then, within your theme's .php file(s) you call the key and echo it to have it show in your code. It's just that simple! (See attached page for syntax.)

Something of note that wasn't mentioned is: I didn't have good luck using it with a key that I named with a dash (-) in it. I will test this further, but it's made me gun shy to use special characters, spaces or capitals. Also, it makes using them as variables even easier.

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