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When I set up sites for my clients I have my "bible" of plugins I will always install. The 3 free anti-spam plugins I tend to always install are:

Cookies for Comments
Places a cookie – checks for the cookie when a comment is placed – if it doesn't have the cookie, the comment is marked as spam.

Bad Behavior
Blocks known spammers from delivering their junk to your site.

FV Antispam
Moves "machine-written" spam to the comment trash. You can use Akismet to help filter "human-submitted" spam.


Note: Bad Behavior wasn't playing well with PayPal's IPN so I deactivated it on sites that had a store. Now, I understand that you can "whitelist" PayPal within Bad Behavior but I'm not sure if my clients have much trouble with spam just using Cookies for comments and FV Antispam.


If your site is already overrun with spam, here's a quick ways to deal with it more quickly (One client had 5k+ pages of spam. Yikes!):

Block Top Spammers (OLD plugin, but still effective.)
Mark a few pages of spammy comments that are waiting for moderation as spam, and then go to the Block Top Spammers page to see what other spam that particular IP has submitted. An IP can submit up to 30 or so individual comments & this allows you to delete them all in one swoop:

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Hope this is helpful!

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Cookies for Comments
Sets a cookie on a random URL that is then checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam. This plugin will

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  1. Oh interesting Brian. I'll have to check out Antispam Bee again – I can't remember why I didn't choose it when I was looking around for anti-spam plugins.

    If I were to choose one out of the three I tend to install, it would be Cookies for Comments. I think that one stops comment spam dead. The others are "just to be safe" ๐Ÿ™‚ I hate to rely on one, in case spammers find a way around that one.

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