Upgrading to WordPress 3.2.1

Hello clients, colleagues!

If you are hosted with me and are interested in learning whether or not it’s “safe” to upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1…I want to allay your fears and let you know overall it is safe to upgrade.

There are a few changes I’ve noticed that I don’t like, but overall, I do like what I see.


Searching for Plugins that I’ve become familiar with and appreciate no longer seem to come up in search on the WordPress website service, so this makes me have to search the web – or copy them from other installations. Not optimal, but mostly, my clients don’t need to concern themselves with this issue, as I install the necessary basic plugins.

Be sure and test your shopping cart!

The only plugin that I have not tested, which clients may be using and concerned about upgrading with is the wp-ecommerce shopping cart plugin. If you are running that particular plugin and you wish to upgrade, be sure to back things up before upgrading and test things out after upgrading to make sure everything is still in working order.

You definitely wouldn’t want to lose a sale due to a buggy upgrade.

Come join the fun!

Other than that, all seems to be working well! For all you brave clients and colleagues – Before upgrading, be sure to back up your site! To do this, go to the “Database” menu item on the left, and click the “Backup DB” option. Click the button at the bottom that says “Backup” and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t have this option to back up your database, feel free to contact me to have this functionality added to your site. I have currently been installing this functionality on all client sites, but may not have for very early client sites I’ve worked on.

My general rule of thumb is: unless there is a security risk, you’re fine staying put where you are, but if you want to take advantage of the new bells and whistles ~ take the plunge ~ the water is fine. (And it looks pretty snazzy!)

See you soon ~

~ Jean

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