0 thoughts on “This site is a great tool for developers”

  1. If you do any editing of CSS or Javascript files and you want linting and syntax highlighting etc., then yes. In fact, it's about the best text editor out there for any purpose.

  2. Ah, OK – I am on a Mac and appreciate BBedit – for similar reasons. Coloring/hinting and grep search/replace pattern stuff. Cool to know though – I've had some PC colleagues ask me what I'd recommend – now I'll recommend that.

  3. I use Macs exclusively for my own development. Sublime is best. I also use Windows for my corporate development. Sublime text is best there too.

    Just my humble opinion.

  4. Oh, Oz! I forgot you're a Mac user, too! I'll check it out. I've checked out other text editors but just never felt as comfortable as I've felt on BBedit.

    I've been using VirtualBox for viewing/troubleshooting sites in IE 8 & 9. I like that it's free and pretty reliable. I recently gave away a PC laptop because this is more convenient than starting up the laptop and waiting for it to forcibly update/install before I could see the site window. Grr!!

  5. Do you use the Digital Color Meter for sampling colors or have you found something better than that? I love that tool. Much quicker than taking a screen capture and starting up Photoshop.

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