This is an interesting talk about site (blog) comments

He talks about the types of comments you may see on your site – and different kinds of site owners. I'm about halfway through this and thought it was worth a share because it has changed the way I think about comments and what kinds of comments I get on my sites – and what kinds of comments my clients are looking for.

It's tough to be "king" in this world of Facebook, Twitter and G+ – where communities are already set up. (watch the video – you'll understand what I'm getting at.) Your site has to be pretty compelling to build your own community on your site, so if you're not a king (or queen) you may want to find a way to bring commenting to your site through FB/Tw/G+, where your "fans" may already be interfacing with you.

I've found the Google+Blog WordPress plugin I use for my site does this very well for me. Many of my clients have a hard time integrating their site with their social media presence and find they have to double their efforts to add energy to both & the give up because it takes too much energy. The WP plugins that exist to tie your social media commenting with your site commenting make it easier for you to get out the word that your site has good content that people care about – because comments are testimonials for your site & help amplify your message that others have found it helpful or entertaining.


OK – I'm off to watch the rest of this talk. I'm glad I found this!

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Matt Browne: Comments Are King — Make Sure You Rule Over The Right Platform

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