SVG imagery for responsive design. Excellent. Now we’re getting somewhere

IE 8 and below don't support it… does that matter to your site's business? If so, avoid SVG. If not, jump in! Woo hoo!

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Using SVG | CSS-Tricks
SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. Basically, what you work with in Adobe Illustrator. You can use SV

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2 thoughts on “SVG imagery for responsive design. Excellent. Now we’re getting somewhere”

  1. I agree, Sallie! In fact, I don't think people should still be using IE. (hehe!)

    Even though this article was from last year, I was hesitant to jump on coding my own responsive stuff until last spring – and that's when the can of worms opened for me.

    There are too many things that have to "go through the wash" before we find out the industry standard will be.

    I actually like the exploration period for this type of stuff – always something to pontificate, but on the other hand – I also very much look forward to when a decision is made, industry-wide so I can be efficient with my work again.


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