I wrote this to a friend, but thought I should post it for other friends as well.

This is so hard for me to say, but our cat, Snowy died this morning just after 3 am.

We found her in the back yard close to the shed, lying on the ground. Her pupils were dilated, and her hind quarters were cold. Her front paws were getting cold. She was still breathing, but barely. As we spoke, she responded by moving her front paws a bit.

Feeling that death was immanent, I expressed my love for her and called her my term of endearment “My little pussycat” – she blinked slowly, as if to respond that she understood, felt comfort and appreciated the statement. Other than that and one other blink when Jim was caring for her, she was completely unresponsive in her senses.

My hubby and I sat with her for a while outside on our lawn chairs but it was becoming quite chilly. I called my aunt, my mom and the vets (left a message with one) and got a 24hr hotline with the other and they suggested that we wrap her in a blanket and and the hot water bottle and just try to keep her comfortable as she dies. We decided to go into the breeze way to help make her comfortable for her passing and allow us to stay with her.

On and off, I spoke to her and told her that I love her and that it’s ok for her to die, and pass on. I told her she has been such a wonderful kitty and that we appreciated that we could share in her life. I said that her body served her well up to this point but that she didn’t need this crummy body any more and that her spirit was free to go. Hubby was also was able to express his love for her. I meditated and directed her to the light and hoped that she knew it would be alright for her to go. Any time I drew energy from above and handed it to her as courage and strength to go to the light, her body contorted and I hoped that it was a good sign. I’m not experienced with this and just wanted to help her along and hope that what energy I passed to her didn’t prolong the process for her, but helped her with her transition.

She took her last breath right after I told her that I would leave her body alone for a long while after she passed to allow her spirit to separate from her body and that it would be ok, we wouldn’t do anything with her body until we were certain that she was away from it.

After she died, Jim and I slept in the breeze way with her body and allowed time for her spirit to make the transition.

This morning at 6, we buried her in the back corner of the yard, near the shed that she enjoyed hanging out around. We marked the site with a large rock and a smaller white rock we found close to the site.

It’s crazy how attached we become to these wonderful little loving creatures.

Take care and thanks for reading.

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