9 thoughts on “Shared for all my friends in TX”

  1. I'm in blustery CT. We are having fall right now, but the colors haven't peaked yet 🙂 Oh man, I'd love to see/live in Arizona for a bit, too. Anywhere HOT is fine by me!

  2. How about a pic of what it looks like now Jean?

    Howie's show is a non profit show, so seats are only $200, you should come….

    Two days with Me, Howie and OfferMobi's CEO Mark Roth, never going to get that close to Howie and Mark for that price again.

  3. I will be announcing two new big content launches surrounding Google+ and presenting on "Building a Brand With Google+" and showing what I believe will be the pieces of the pie for business profiles.

    I will have a video too, don't worry, but I am looking to meetup with G+ friends while in CT, then it's back to the grindstone here in Arizona.

    Howie is going to have some awesome insight into the Panda update, real time Google analysis to find profitable niches and I expect so big surprises and insights to Mobile from Howie's CEO of OfferMobi, Mark Roth.

    Going to be a real close up medium sized show with real contact with real gurus like Howie and Mark, can't wait to pick their brains myself.


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