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Of all the thousands of people I'm connected to, I only know of two people who actually use RSS feeds. (+Panah Rad and +Sallie Alys Montuori)

Are there more people out there who use RSS feeds? Do you use a browser to keep track of your RSS feeds? If not, what software do you use now?

If you do a Google search for "Is RSS" you'll find I'm not the only one asking this question. It seems like this technology is getting left behind.

I see Firefox is the only Mac browser that currently supports viewing an RSS feed page and saving them as "Live Bookmarks". Chrome just shows the raw file and oddly enough, my Safari opens up an email program. What is the consensus on the PC browsers?

Anyway, I'll be watching this site for RSS traffic, but in the past my client's sites have never received any RSS traffic except me, testing the link.

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  1. Oh I love RSS feeds, and am a fanatic – disappointed that Google is trying to get rid of the technology.  I used feedly and when I save an item it is transferred to Evernote via IFTTT.


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