Relearning to See

I’ve been learning more about retraining my eyes to see, and haven’t been wearing my glasses/contact lenses for 3 weeks now. It was strange at first, but my eyes have been getting better. It’s an odd thing, but I can think more clearly and find I’m “blocked” less. It’s really helped me see many word options while playing Scrabble! Very strange, very strange indeed! Wish me luck to get to absolutely clear vision! Wacky stuff, I know it sounds weird, but there are things I’m finding are possible that I thought were impossible before. I will never cease to be amazed.

Update: March 24, 2008

This is one of the books that I read with regards to improving my eyesight:

Relearning to See

Interestingly enough, it was written by a person by the name of “Quackenbush”. I hesitated to read it because of the inclusion of the word “Quack” in there, but it was by far the most comprehensive and interesting book I’ve read so far on vision. It allowed me to think of our eyesight as a truly magical happening. Just amazing that light hits the back of our eyes, and activates chemical responses to send messages to our brain to tell us what we are taking in. ~~ A warm, dark place inside our skull helps us to interpret the world around us. Amazing.

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