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Don't lose visitors to sites you're linking to!

You could check all your external site links to ensure they will open in a new tab/window…


You can load this plugin and select the setting to have all external links open in a new tab/window — and it's set for good.

Easy peasy.


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Have a wonderful weekend!


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External Links
The external links plugin for WordPress lets you process outgoing links differently from internal links.

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0 thoughts on “Quick WordPress Tip”

  1. A pleasure to share, Mike! Forgive the long gap in tips. I've been distracted with other non WordPress stuff. I'm back on task again, so I'll be slowly starting up again. Let me know if you ever have any questions – I'd be happy to help.

  2. Clicking on your mouse-wheel usually opens a link in a new tab (if not, change the mouse-settings).

    My links open in a new tab – to keep people on my page: I'm reading an article, open the links in a new tab (wheel-click) and only start reading them after I finish the original article – I don't want to be distracted skipping forth and back between articles – I just 'help' my readers 🙂

  3. I usually "command-click" to be sure a link opens in a new window (the Mac version of what Aaron suggested above), but you never know what your site visitors will do. As a site owner, are you OK with losing a visitor because they don't employ this method,Oz?

    They could click the link – then hit the back button and find where they left off in the story, etc. It may take more energy for people who may not know how to handle links like we tend to.

    I understand both sides of the coin. I certainly don't want or expect multiple windows to open on one click (that's super-spammy!), but as a site-owner, I prefer to make sure all external links are opened in a new tab to make sure my site isn't lost or that I'm not asking my visitors to expend extra effort to continue reading.

    It's interesting to hear other perspectives and what everyone has chosen to do for themselves.

  4. Lose a visitor? That assumes that by forcing a new link to open in a new window you are in some way retaining a visitor. If all you're doing is technically keeping the page open in their browser for a few extra seconds, what's the point? I think the only people that may get some sort of assistance from that is the extremely IT-illiterate who don't know how a back button or a bookmark works.

    Sometimes it's easy to be a bit too 'SEO' in your approach IMHO.  


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