Prema Meditation

Last Friday I went to a Prema Meditation class and it was so interesting, I have to share it. The class is small (7 people total) ~ The teacher (Norman), the ‘student teacher’, another experienced Prema Meditation person, and 3 other students besides myself.

I was having difficulty getting into a state of meditation, but Norman was helping us all by guiding us through it. He mentioned for us to put ourselves in a special place of comfort.

I was finally able to ignore my back pain and imagine myself meditating under a tree. The land was created and unfurled, first from the tree, then expanding ~ only created as I was imagining it outwards. (Amazing. I’d love to see that in a movie!)

Next, I brought my attention to the sun, I noticed the warmth of the sun on my face & enjoyed it. Then, I imagined the sun curling towards and then engulfing me. I sat there and felt warm as I, now the light, quickly expanded. I felt a great joy. I noticed that my expansion filled the room, engulfing the other people within the room.

It occurred to me to appreciate each person in the room. In my mind, I imagined each person where they were sitting and gave each one a hug & considered their ‘being’ as I appreciated them. I couldn’t imagine getting close enough to one particular person, but I appreciated them for a moment, and went on to the next person in the room.

I had an instant of understanding with one of the last people I appreciated. When I gave her a hug in my mind’s eye, I noticed that her right shoulder blade needed comfort. (I initially said her left shoulder blade, but it was my left side as I hugged her, but her right because she was facing me.)

Lastly, I imagined appreciating Norman, and for good measure, I appreciated Jon for ‘referring’ me to him. (Jon assembled the Vernon Holistic Community First Friday Breakfasts, among other things…) As I appreciated them, real tears involuntarily trickled down my face.

So here’s the interesting part…

Norman asked if anyone had experienced ‘purple light’. None had. Then he went around the room and asked standard questions to each of us about of our experience.

I didn’t initially describe what I just have above, because his questions were very deliberate. I answered each one, but his questions didn’t require me to disclose what I had fully experienced. I noticed the student I couldn’t get close to had said in her meditation, she had a dragon come up to her, and she said ‘NO’, and it went away.

That was interesting.

After everyone answered Norman’s questions, I asked Norman if we interact with each other during meditation, fearful that I was the dragon in that student’s response! He didn’t know what I was asking him, so I elaborated on my experience.

He said that we do interact, and mentioned that he also went around the room and gave purple light to each participant to help each with their meditation. He mentioned that my tears were something to do with soul connection, but can’t recall exactly what he was trying to convey. (Hey, I didn’t learn that yet! That’s why I’m taking a class!)


Last, I mentioned that there was an interesting thing about someone I was appreciating. I turned to the person on the opposite end of the couch and mentioned that when I hugged her in my mind’s eye, her right shoulder blade seemed to appreciate the comfort. She said that it was hurting her all day!

Driving home, I thought about the sun in my meditation. (It ‘happened to be’ initially located in the general direction where Norman was seated.) It could very well have been his energy directed towards me, although I didn’t see it as purple. (Hey, I don’t see myself as a dragon, either…)

What an amazing experience! One ‘coincidence’ is easy to brush off. Three are harder brush off as merely being a coincidence. With the dragon, the sun and the shoulder blade all seeming to connect, I believe more was at work than one would initially accept.

Incidentally, my right shoulder blade felt bruised the next morning. I asked my husband to look and see if there was anything there, but he didn’t see anything.

I described this event to my husband and he jokingly asked me if I had been drinking.


I mentioned it to a friend and he said that he’s open to these mystical sorts of things but wants to see proof.

Proof is an interesting thing. For me, first-hand experience is proof enough, but to be able to share that ‘proof’ with someone who is skeptical, is quite another thing.

It’s like seeing a ghost. I’m sure that there are ways to prove that a real energy exists around a ghost entity. The tricky part is having the measuring equipment, and having the ghost energy show up at the same time. This makes it virtually impossible to capture! If I were focused on capturing the ghost’s energy and had the equipment, then the ghost could choose not to show up.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this: you’ve gone to an event where you want to capture it on video. You will notice that your experience of the event is limited. You spend your time making sure you have ‘the shot’ and aren’t fully enjoying the event for what it is, at the time that it’s taking place. You are allowing it to pass, in hopes of capturing it for future. You will miss a lot this way, so I say, dig in and enjoy the moment while it ‘is’ and don’t worry about the proof.

I would absolutely love to hear what you think. (Even if you think I’m crazy!)

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  1. W O W ! ! ! … you really are opening up!!! ….

    had Norman made any suggestions as to do anything, like you did or otherwise as you were meditating with him ??? ….

    did you get a chance to talk with any of the others in class about what they did or experienced when they were “under the influence” ???? …..

    aside from your sore shoulder the next day (I’m sure that you took that lady’s pain from her) did you feel better after your experience??? … if so how long did it last??? … (I felt better after just reading about it !!!) ….

    have you tried meditating by yourself, since your class and appreciating someone far away??? … I’ve heard of people “healing” or “seeing” others at long distances or even over the phone …

    the possibilities are only governed by our own minds!!!!! AWESOME isn’t it ???

  2. Woooooo! Actually WOW! I think it’s pretty neat that you are so open to different experiences. You’ve come quite a way since..”back in the day!” Keep going & don’t forget to share. Who knows who you’ll help by doing so. Good luck in your travels…where ever & how ever you take them 🙂


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