Pizza making at a well known supermarket…

I’ve mentioned to everyone that my hubby started working at a well known supermarket as a pizza maker. (Names withheld to protect both parties!) It didn’t turn out to be the job that he thought it would be. It’s more heavy lifting and cleaning and stuff like that. He said the percentage of time that he actually gets to make pizzas is around 10%. Yikes.

That reminds me of a “graphic design” position that I applied for a long time ago. It was designing logos and such to put on plastic. Toothbrushes, vacuums, whatever. Anything plastic. They mentioned that I’d have to work with chemicals part of the day. I asked what percentage of the day would be working with chemicals, and although I can’t remember the exact percentage, it was more than I wanted to put up with it, so I ended the interview and declined the position.

Back to the story at hand: Even worse than lifting and moving heavy boxes and trash and lots of clean up, they forbid the workers from keeping water close by! What is this, Nazi Germany? “Get used to drinking less.” That’s what they told everyone. I can’t believe it. Seriously unbelievable! There are long stretches of time (5-7 hours!) when he was so busy that he was unable to take a break and go to the back of the store to the break room to get water. That is inhumane to deny workers access to water. I’m seriously disappointed in this company.

I went and visited him on opening day yesterday, and he looked beaten. His day wasn’t even halfway over. I felt bad to see him not looking happy.

Although it is a good thing that he has gone through this experience, I hope that my love can find something that he enjoys. I guess this was just one stop along the way for his life experience.

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  1. Man, that’s really too bad. It’s really a bummer when things don’t work out, and I know he was really looking forward to that job. I hope he finds something a little more promising, and much more satisfying.


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