Ok – this is cool.

Ok – this is cool.

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Artificial Leafs
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Solar is the best energy source but it all comes down to cost. Some have said, "let's go crazy" and burn up fossil fuels, drive up the price, & force ourselves into a cleaner source sooner.

MIT seems to be always working on solar. There's been a lot of previous mentioning of artificial leafs and solar power. It's mostly come down to the catalysts needed to split water using solar power.

There's a new article that says they've been able to make new devices "made entirely of earth-abundant, inexpensive materials — mostly silicon, cobalt and nickel — and works in ordinary water. Other attempts to produce devices that could use sunlight to split water have relied on corrosive solutions or on relatively rare and expensive materials such as platinum."

The other interesting aspect to these types of alternatives is that it has the potential to change power from being a centralized commodity to a personal one.

A while ago there was the idea of a "Home Gen" machine that could sell power back to the electrical company in addition to provide electrical and HVAC.

By using the idea of leafs, humans could not only provide for themselves but also others. Taken together would be a human tree.


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'Artificial leaf' makes fuel from sunlight (w/ video)
Researchers led by MIT professor Daniel Nocera have produced something they

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