My business page +WebLight Media is hawking +Panah Rad’s business page, +WP…

My business page +WebLight Media is hawking +Panah Rad's business page, +WP JEDI. Follow us both if you have a WordPress driven website and appreciate tips and recommendations to help you.

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How to Speed up #WordPress

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How To Speed Up WordPress – 15 Plugins | WordPress Jedi
Having a speedy website can do your business wonders. You are going to have an easier time impressing your new visitors if your site loads up quickly. Let's not

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  1. Hello Panah – I hope you don't mind I mentioned – you should be proud! It's a great site – and honestly, I have no idea how you have so much energy for all that you do! Thanks for sharing such great tips. I'll have to remember to +1 the pages I found very helpful.

  2. +Jean Egan haha. No. Thank you. I don't mind at all. I just don't do any self promotion. I write for a lot of sites but people just don't know. You have a great page. I see that you also have the map thing going. My page is really too simple. I haven't done the whole Google+ Local thing at all. I probably should.

  3. haha. Yes. I don't know how people do it. I can't ever imagine myself having a whole lot of spotlight on me .But some people love that. 🙂 Life is simple for me this way 😀


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