Marking this because I’d like to check it out myself

There may be other CRM plugins for WordPress I just haven't found yet. (This one is only rated by 7 people!)

Does anyone use CRM (Customer Resource Management) for WordPress? I hadn't heard of CRM until very recently – thanks to +Antonio de Sousa Barroso and +Gary Tivey.

Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities, guys!

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Customer Resource Management (CRM) comes in a variety of packages but nearly all the ones I have found come with a steep learning curve and installation can be tricky. That is why I have had written a…

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0 thoughts on “Marking this because I’d like to check it out myself”

  1. If the plugin for WordPress does what you need, it will likely be easier to install and maintain than many of the standard CRM packages. Drupal has lots and lots of CRM options, but the learning curve as you say is rather steep even for those with a technical background.
    In Austin we are fortunate to have a Drupal group with weekly informal sessions and monthly guest speakers. Most of the folks attending are experts and have been a big help whenever I've had something I was not able to sort out.
    Best of luck with your CRM project +Jean Egan

  2. Thanks so much for connecting the dots for me, Gary. It's amazing what flows my way when I'm looking for it. Just crazy stuff!

    Oh, by the way – so cool that you're in Austin. That's definitely where it's at! I loved living there. It is my favorite of most favorite cities.

    Very nice to meet you more!


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