0 thoughts on “Love it.”

  1. Damn straight!

    There are people out there who will put down any idea if for no other reason than they didn't think of it, or they lack the imagination to understand how it may work, or whatever. Forget them. Be true to yourself.

  2. Quite right! Much better to look for approval from within ourselves 🙂

    I have a hard time when I know I need help. It's almost better to go cliff-hanging alone until it's off-the-ground than to be pushed off by someone I'm looking for help from.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Jean!

    I'm with both of you. You know that face, when you tell someone something you're really excited about and they give you that look of, yeeaaahh…. I don't think so. I don't like that face and I know it's caused me to second guess myself. I'd rather have the excited face after you tell them how great it worked out! 😉


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