Liberating your Google+ data

Just in case you didn't know – you can export all of your posts from G+. Easy as 1, 2, 3! It saves everything as separate HTML pages. Very nicely, in fact.

I liberated mine and plan to share a few older posts on my website. I won't have to do that in future because now I'm using a WordPress plugin called Google+Blog which takes the latest posts and puts them on my blog automatically.

+Brad Thompson & +Peter William Lount – I know it doesn't fix what you're looking for G+ to do, but at least your posts are not lost eternally 🙂

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Data Libration

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0 thoughts on “Liberating your Google+ data”

  1. Yes, but with the volume of posts that I make I have to remember to liberate them just about every day and that is rather bothersome when it's an arbitrary limit of 250 posts… besides what if people have long running conversations… those will get lost as they are removed online. Sigh.

  2. The devil is in the details when it comes to software systems. Most often the limits placed on software by us programmers messes up people… thus it's best to have no intentional limits on the software at all, they it's just the unintentional limits that need to be eliminated with the incremental improvements.

  3. I agree about not having intentional limits. But I don't agree you'd have to liberate once a day. Just use a plugin and have them liberated to your blog on a hourly basis. (That's what I do!)


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