Preparation Project: Lawn mower conversion from gas to battery powered

The images below show how the mower looked during each step of the conversion. I took lots of pictures to ensure that I could rebuild it. Click on any of them to see them larger and to view the captions. Below are videos of the first mow!

24 VDC 1.54 HP Lawnmower Motor

New. Tecumseh 90000A. Built as motor for cordless electric lawnmowers. Permanent magnet motor. End bell of motor is aluminum casting similar to gas engine mower mount. Shaft end tapped 3/8"-24 RH. Price $69.95


  • HP 1.54
  • Voltage 24 DC
  • Amps 4.5 no load
  • RPM 3,200
  • Rotation reversible
  • Duty intermittent
  • Mount: four 5/16" holes on 8" B.C.
  • Shaft 7/8" diam. x 2" w/keyway
  • Size 8-3/4" dia x 7-1/2" long
  • Shpg. 15 lbs.

Finally, the fun stuff: Videos!

I took the mower to my new found friend's house & he helped me to get it working this weekend!!! It started for the first time on May 28, 2007! This video is the mower's "HELLO WORLD"! Awww... isn't it cute?! Thanks hubby for filming and taking pictures of it's "birth"!

My friend was so kind as to not mow his lawn and allowed me to REALLY test out the motor's capabilities! hehe! It sounds like an airplane!

After we stopped recording, I edged my friend's lawn. It lasted just about a half hour before the battery lost power. I think that's that!!! Oh, except I plan on sharpening the blade. It kinda ripped the grass rather than cut it, so sharpening it will make it a MEAN GREEN MACHINE!

Update: It did well to sharpen it! Also, I was able to add the bagger back on & can mow my lawn and bag the clippings and leaves as well.

Thanks for following along with my project!

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