Kicking off the first of October by watching “The Nightmare before Christmas”…

Kicking off the first of October by watching "The Nightmare before Christmas" (and Frankenweenie because it's on the same DVD.) My husband and I both love Tim Burton!

Although the list is already full (!) I'm taking additional recommendations and suggestions for other entertaining or creepy Halloweenish movies. I lean closer to "animated" and "entertaining" than "awful" and "frightening" (I've purposely avoided the Exorcist but also don't really enjoy Schulz' "Peanuts", either.)

Because some days my husband works 12 hours, I'm looking for some suggestions that are 30 minutes or less.

Asterisked ones I'm looking forward to, or don't mind the idea of watching them as much.

We'll watch at least one a day and report back what we viewed 🙂 I'll be bolding movies as I watch them:
1 Nightmare before Christmas
2 Frankenweenie (short)
3 The Last Man on Earth (Vincent Price)
4 Ghostbusters
5 Monster House
6 Twilight Zone (The Masks)
7 Beetlejuice
8 Splice
9 Sleepy Hollow
10 Young Frankenstein
11 Poltergeist
12 Killer Klowns from Outerspace
13 Edward Scisorhands*
14 Shawn of the Dead*
15 Zombieland*
16 Eraserhead*
17 Pet Semetery*
18 Corpse Bride*
19 They Live*
20 The Terminator*
21 Jacob's Ladder*
22 The Lost Boys*
23 Cask of Amontillado*
24 Phantom of the Opera*
25 Nosferatu*
26 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde*
27 Parents* (Oh man, this one is definitely going to be watched.)
28 Psycho*
29 Stephen King's "It"*
30 Casper*
31 The Birds*
32 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
33 Reanimator
34 The Shining
35 The Mist
36 Night of the Creeps
37 Nightmare on Elm St.
38 Saw
39 The Fly
40 Halloween
41 Halloween 3
42 Dawn of the Dead
43 28 Days Later
44 Salem's Lot
45 Fright Night

Some creepy Twilight Zones* (short)
Various Simpsons Tree Houses of Horror** (short)

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0 thoughts on “Kicking off the first of October by watching “The Nightmare before Christmas”…”

  1. Ooh, cool – thanks Matt! That's what I'm talking about. I know it's a pretty comprehensive list, but definitely want to get things on there that I've never heard of.

    I've got Shaun of the Dead on there but not Dawn of the Dead. I'll definitely add it!

  2. Matt – I checked out the trailer for Dawn of the Dead – and it looks scary! My hubby will probably love it. I, on the other hand will probably be biting my nails off and covering my eyes. Hehe!


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