Is your website sluggish? Here’s how you can help make it faster.

I’ve been contemplating what makes a great monthly tip – and consider some people are using for their website (and are unable to take advantage of any recommended plugins), I thought I’d make this month’s tip a more general tip that anyone with a website can take advantage of! Woo hoo! (Feel free to share this tip if you think others may benefit.)

How long does it take for your website to load? Does it get hung up on loading large images? If so, have I got a tip for you!

Kraken has an online image optimizer – and to make things even easier for you, it offers both Chrome and Firefox extensions, so you can simply click a button when you’re on your webpage and it will look at all of the images on the page and optimize them. (You have to do each page of your website separately, though.)

After the files have been optimized, you can download them all in a .zip archive and it will keep directory structure if you click the option for it to do so – which makes it easy to find and replace the images that needed slimming down on your website! (See image below for an example. Bonus points if the person who’s files those are recognizes their files.)

On average sampling, I’ve found sites to be able to save between 10% on up to even 25% file size by Kraken’ them!


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