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Once she gets to the meat of it – I wholeheartedly agree. I'm also looking to share a funnel of information with people – whether or not they choose to do business with me. Love info / knowledge sharing and this is a great set-up. Thanks for sharing, +Rebecca Woodhead.

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EDIT: Scroll through the comments to see a real example of this – the ale tour.

Who wants to fess up and admit that they kinda sorta understand what a marketing funnel is, know they need one for their business, or to sell their books, music or whatever, but don't quite 'get' how to put one together?

If 10 people are brave enough to say it, I'll give you some easy tips on how to do it. You can do this free, or nearly free, if you need to by the way.

Fess up now, though, because I have to go out in a sec.

Actually … realising this might be quite a brave step for many … I'll accept a 10 +1 or share combo if you're too shy to comment.

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