I tend to use “I”

Though, when a project truly is a collaboration with another colleague, I do use "we".

What is your preference? I'd love to hear why one is better than the other for you.

My business is too small to use "we" effectively. If I hired out more, and could handle a river of work, I'd be comfortable using "We".

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“We” vs “I” – the best pronoun for a freelance business

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0 thoughts on “I tend to use “I””

  1. Still awake here, almost 3 and I still need to shower!

    In our business, I say I if it's a customer I don't mind dealing with. If it's someone who I would rather not talk to again and prefer one of my fellow coworkers take over, I'll say we or us.

    For example, "Certainly, we can help you with that. The next time you're in, just speak to one of us and we'll take care of it." means Go away, I'm done with you.


  2. Speaking from a customer's perspective, the single biggest thing about hearing "I" is that it tells me someone is taking personal responsibility for what s/he says, rather than laying a groundwork for blaming someone else if it doesn't get done right.

    Or in other words, I like to hear "I", as long as it's something I know is a single-person task.


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