0 thoughts on “I like the new Gmail inbox tabs because it instantly cut my active inbox in half…”

  1. At first I thought it was a pretty neat idea too, but I don't think this tabs system is serving my purposes very well. Most of my emails actually aren't junk, so I wasn't consistently getting notified of new messages because of this new system. I've since turned it off, but I can see why it would be useful for those who have TONS of emails to sort through!

  2. I wonder if I'll keep it.

    I see that I can move emails from one to the other – I was concerned about that, because one type of message might get improperly sorted. Really could do very well with just one more division – that Work and Personal one – because Google's algorithms don't seem smart enough to do that for me automatically 🙂

  3. It actually did a pretty good job of sorting my emails, but I found myself searching for them too much. I receive on average 10 relevant emails a week, maybe double that during a busy week. I also send more than I receive so segregation isn't a necessity for me at the moment.

  4. I'm very curious if I delete any "social" emails without reading them if they'll be moved to the spam folder automatically. (I've already responded in my notifications drop-down. I don't need to open each email.)

    I've noticed that behavior of Gmail marking email as spam if I delete without reading them so if I know I don't need to read something but don't want emails from that person or business to make it to my spam folder, I open it then delete it. A bit of an inconvenience, but oh well.

  5. Really? Good to know. That's actually not the smartest move by Google. I usually click Spam on emails I don't read and know are from spammers and that automatically deletes them. I wouldn't want the reverse to be true (i.e. deleting unread emails and having them marked as spam).

  6. Yea, I'm not happy about that behavior. I just noticed some of my newsletters that I subscribe to were found in the spam folder: I assume it was because I just deleted them without reading them when I was busy at one point. I marked them as "not spam" and just didn't do that in future. I'm going to keep an eye on it for a bit, now that I did that with some g+ social emails 🙂

  7. Actually, that behavior has more to do with lots of injudicious people who don't understand the difference between UCE and "I don't want to see this" marking those newsletters as spam before yours arrives.

  8. …wow.  Even with all the videos and Powerpoints and other assorted huge crap my mother has emailed me since I opened this account in 2004, I still have only 2.24 GB.  Thank you for the 15 GB quota, Gmail!!!

  9. I'm at 1.76 GB, and have only been using it a couple/few years. (Can't remember when my Microsoft Entourage DB blew up and I gave up on and gave the finger to Microsoft.)

  10. My first proper GMail exchange on Christmas eve:

    Woof <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
    to me 

    Hello meeeester

    Woof <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
    to me

    And the meatshake vid?

    Oz the Munificent <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
    to Woof 

    Oh that link. I haven't watched it yet. I sent lots of links home to myself yesterday and spent the evening setting up Norton Systemworks 2005, which now makes my PC run like a paraolympian without a wheelchair.

  11. My external/spam email string has been Hotmail -> Yahoo -> Gmail

    My internal (personal/work) string has been Outlook Express -> Entourage -> Mac Mail -> Gmail

    …so there has been a convergence, which I'm very happy about.

  12. Gmail both is and isn't my longest email.  My college Little Brother set me up with email via a shell account on his network in the early to mid-90s, but I eventually switched over to Gmail as my primary due to spam and connectivity (long-distance dialup sucks even worse than local dialup).  After some Really Interesting problems with upstream providers, my Little Brother is now hosting his email on Gmail, which has cut two decades of address visibility on the 'net down to tolerable levels of spam, but it's really just a desperation backup now, since I got family and friends all switched over to my primary Gmail address years ago.

  13. YOWZA!

    I think you guys are using email differently than the way I do. I try to keep my personal account pretty clean from the get go. That means as few (maybe even no) mailing lists and ONLY emails from people I know or from people I'm expecting it from.

    My first account was Hotmail, I believe, and that was my primary for a LONG time before I eventually made the full time switch to Gmail, it's just the best email provider, hands down.

    I guess my method of keeping emails organized and relevant is via separate accounts. I have……7 or 8 accounts!! (^_^) I have my personal, semi-personal, anonymous, work, junk, backup, etc. And yes, they all have separate usernames and passwords O.O

    Maybe I'm weird, but I'm pretty sure you knew that.

  14.  How did you check that, boo Jay? I resisted going to gmail for a long time. I remember people talking it up on how awesome it was and I usually resist jumping on the new best thing just because people say they like it. I like to find out for myself, but that usually puts me way behind the curve 🙂

  15. +Jean Egan if you go to your inbox and look at the number of pages of emails you have (ex. 1 out of 8036 for me) and move your cursor over that, it will give you the option of sorting them from new to old or old to new.

    That said, after re-reading +Oz Warren's comment, I just realized I misinterpreted how many emails I have. I guess I have 8036 pages worth of emails and at least 100 items per pages, so I guess I'm up there as well!

    I have many maxed out items as well, meaning my email conversations go up to 100 emails exchanged per item.

  16. Go to "All Mail"; that one tells you how many emails you have, not pages of emails.  Mine says "1-50 of 102,211", because I display 50 per page.  Although, come to think of it, that means it's even more emails, actually, because Gmail displays them as conversations, not invidual emails!

    My habits were formed in the mid-80s when you were lucky to have email at all:  the one account you had via school or work was usually all you had.  I use folders and labels for keeping my emails separated; my different accounts are primarily for my different identities and personas (SCA, my real "real name" for jobhunting, the usual misspelling of that one, my handles on a couple of other social sites, etc.).

  17. I just checked one of my conversation threads that were maxed out and I have a pen pal of sorts from Australia whom I've been exchanging emails with since 2009. We've written over 600 emails to each other and counting!

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