How do I set up a contact form for my site?

If your WordPress theme doesn’t already take advantage of a comprehensive, built-in contact form, install a plugin called “FormBuilder“.
It allows you to create web forms that will allow clients to contact you through your site. When a visitor submits a form, you receive an email with the form contents & you can also configure FormBuilder to store the form data right on your site (accessible only to an administrator).

I’ve created a 5 minute video on how to install and use this particular plugin.

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“Why would I want to use a contact form?”

Offering a contact form on your website instead of simply a email address will help reduce unwanted spam.

For the slightly advanced

You can have your website respond to your visitor instantly. Check out and set-up “Autoresponders”. These give clients an extra a feeling of being taken care of in a quick fashion, without you even having to be there!

Get creative!

You can create any number of web forms for your website and they’re not just for the “Contact Us” page.

Want to poll your visitors and add a bit of fun? Create an opinion poll!

Would you like to ask your visitors how you can make your products or your site better for them?Create a suggestion form!

Would you like to collect customer “testimonials”? Create a “Like our Products/Services?” form and ask visitors how they feel about your products or services. Be sure to ask their permission so you may display their submission on your site in future!

Want to allow people inquire on pricing instead of listing it directly on your website? Set up an “Inquire about pricing” form and have an autoresponder with common and current pricing as well as any additional contact information in case they need more information.

Do you have another idea I haven’t listed?

I’d love to hear about it! Hehe – I keep saying I’ll keep these short but it’s so fun sharing! Enjoy! ~ Jean

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