Helpful Job Search Sites

I've shared this list on my website before, and think that it is helpful enough to serve up again. This list has helped Graphic and Web Design friends and colleagues to find their new wonderful jobs.

(Updated 7/24/19)

The links will open up in new browser windows. Feel free to email me any job search sites you've found to be helpful that I don't have listed. I'd love to keep the list active. Let me know if you find a broken link along the way. I'll try to keep it current and helpful 🙂

Freelance work in particular

Still good sites, but they tend to not have stuff in my area:

    (animation world network - wow, they have improved their search function. Also more positions are showing up in CT and MA. Don't be fooled, it's not just animation jobs that are posted there, also graphic design, so check 'em out!)
  • Creative Hotlist

Not a very good site at the time I checked, but check anyway! They may have added since.

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