Hello World!

Well this is pretty damned cool. I just didn’t expect this blogging stuff to be this easy! I want to share this with the world! (How to install a blog, not my blog.) I thought this would be hours of hair-pulling but alas, the 5 minute install of WordPress really was 5 minutes. (Maybe even less!) Wow. I’m just astounded.

  1. Make sure that your host supports WordPress.
  2. Download and unzip the zipped file from wordpress.org.
  3. Create a blank mySQL DATABASE with a USERNAME and PASSWORD. (Remember these, you’ll need ’em for step 4.)
  4. Open the “wp-config-sample.php” file (within the zipped file from WordPress) and change those 3 BOLD names mentioned above on lines 3-5 in the file. Change the file name to “wp-config.php”.
  5. Upload the whole unzipped folder to your website.
  6. Go to that location’s folder on your website. Mine, for instance is jeanegan.com. It will give you instructions from there. (It’s real simple, trust me!)

The folks at WordPress made it real easy on me, so I want to spread the good word. I’m sending all sorts of well wishes to them now!

Well, until it’s abused, I’ve opened up my blog for comments. No logging in required. We’ll see how this goes. If I start getting “XXX g3t a big ger C0ck” posts, I’ll lock it up! Don’t make me do it!

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  1. Hi Jean,
    What version of WordPress are you running? Looks like version 2.7, is giving people lots of problems on the WordPress forum. Thanks!

  2. Hi there Sandy! When viewing the code of this page, I see that I am running WordPress 2.6.5.

    Interesting to know that people are having trouble with the newer version! I won’t upgrade ’till it’s worked out. Let me know if you need the 2.6.5 install. I can email it to you.

    Best wishes!


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