Have you given much thought to the cashew shell?

Me either, up until yesterday. I had bought a package of mixed nuts and as I was eating them, I was thinking about all of the shells that used to be around all the nuts. I could place all of them in my mind except the cashew!

After researching, I have a whole new appreciation for cashews & wonder why they're so cheap - considering their shells contain anacardic acid, which on contact, produces a response similar to poison ivy and the cashew nuts (seeds) have to be roasted outdoors to destroy the toxin and make them edible. (Outdoors, because the smoke also creates a skin/lung reaction similar to burning poison ivy.)

One cashew nut (seed) grows below each cashew apple. Cashew apples are edible, but the skin is fragile, making it unsuitable for transport. A lot of the tree is used for medicinal purposes, and the anacardic acid itself can be used to fight against tooth abscesses, MRSA, acne & TB.

I'm truly amazed at this plant.

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Cashew. Cashews ready for harvest in Kollam, India. Scientific classification. Kingdom: Plantae. (unranked): Angiosperms. (unranked): Eudicots. (unranked): Rosids. Order: Sapindales. Family: Anacardia...

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