Great tips for creating a favicon

There's not too much space to do anything fancy within a 16×16 grid. These are tips to make sure people are seeing what you want them to see.

There are also other sizes that you may want to create for. 

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Create the perfect favicon | Feature | .net magazine
Today Jon Hicks’ much anticipated Icon Handbook, published by Five Simple Steps, is going on sale. We present an exclusive excerpt on creating favicons

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  1. I have never used Photoshop and I'm not even close to a graphic pro, but something I've found helpful when working on tiny icons in GIMP is opening a New View of the file I'm working on.  I generally keep my working file zoomed to 800% or 1600% resolution so I don't have to be so finicking with my mouse, but I still need to see what the thing looks like at the correct size.  The second view allows me to watch changes in realtime at real size, which is fantastically useful.  Otherwise I'm likely to get caught up in a series of interrelated operations where if I didn't like 'em once I'd finished and checked the effect at 100%, it'd be a royal PITA to figure out how far back to undo.

  2. That's awesome, Sallie. I've recommended GIMP as a free alternative to Photoshop and although my experience with it is limited, I liked what I saw when I tested it out. I used Photoshop last night for the first icon but I'm thinking of using a program that I already have on my machine that I haven't tried out yet. It's called "Icon Composer". It came with the Xcode developer tools I installed. I think it has promise but I'll have to report back!


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