Google Bank?

This article is directed toward Google employees who can make a difference, as well as others who enjoy seeing dreams of the world come into to reality.

A friend once suggested people of the world would soon be exchanging energy in ways I could only imagine. This feels quite like that. Imagine being able to easily return energy to someone who adds value to your life. Money is “stored” energy. Now, imagine being able to easily give and receive with anyone you connect with. Anywhere. This is where Google comes in – and where their Google+ can assist in slowly starting a “Google Bank”.

What does a bank have to do with social networking?

I was inspired to write this as a response to this article by Tom Anderson (founder & former President of MySpace), although the actual inspiration came from meeting a talented “friend of a friend” on G+ (Google+) who I wanted to pay for their consulting time. It felt a little weird for me to ask for their “email address related to PayPal”.

At that very moment, I could completely imagine the below solution being extremely effective for individuals as well as businesses who use G+.

As you know, Google – the business who practically owns internet search, as well as literally owning YouTube,, Google Analytics, Google docs, gmail and other very helpful services, have unfurled the social networking side of their business. (Well, it’s still unfurling at the time I’m writing this.) Google+, their social networking solution is effectively a better Facebook which was a better Twitter, which was a trimmed down version of MySpace.

(I’ve written another article relating to the broadcasting aspect of social media and an introduction to G+. Click here to read it.)

The subject of social media may sound trivial, but believe me – this is important and could change the way we socialize and do business – worldwide.

A little of my own history in social media:

I joined MySpace, connected with some friends and some friendly strangers on there, but found it increasingly irritating to wait for friends pages to load. Glitter, sparkles and huge annoyingly slow-to-load backgrounds made it impossible to read practically same-colored text and don’t even talk to me about auto-loading music. Ugh.

Run. Away.

I ended up throwing my hands up and joined Twitter for a very short time, before being dragged on to Facebook (A friend shared images that only FB friends could view.) At that point, I realized Facebook was like Twitter on steroids. Conversations were easier to follow and you could broadcast just the same as on Twitter.

Not wanting to divide my energy between multiple social networking sites, I decided to set up shop on Facebook and very rarely checked Twitter. (Now, I check Twitter mostly for business “coupon codes” before making a purchase. And most notably for reading John Hodgman’s tweets when I’m bored.)

Anyway, back on point.

I’d very much like to see Google+ to do the “MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/Amazon/Ebay thing“.

This is where the Google Bank comes in.

I value personal connections with people. People are who I do business with. When I connect with an individual whom I would like to support and do business with, I would like to have a quick way to pay them for their services.

What MySpace had over other social networking sites is – it allowed bands to share their music and made it easier for bands to sell directly to fans. Unfortunately, I am not a good example of this, as I have only purchased 1 – maybe 2 songs that way, and it was so long ago, I don’t even recall if it was integrated in MySpace or not. (Probably not.)

With the “all inclusiveness” of Google’s online tools – and since they are essentially the search engine of choice for many users, it makes sense to establish ourselves as individual business owners on Google & for us to utilize their social networking tool “Google+” (a.k.a. G+) to connect with each other in a direct, meaningful ~ and sustainable ~ way.

I used to think it was a dream to give and receive energy (sometimes in the form of money) for adding value to people’s lives. I believe the time has come where this can be a reality!

Here’s what I’d like to see from Google+

I’d like to see a “tip jar” below everyone’s profile photo on Google+. That way, I don’t have to ask for their private email account linked with PayPal to support them. If I can see and follow them on G+, I’d like to be able to pay them on G+.

Google Bank

Not evil

This feels like a natural progression to me.

To avoid a taxing nightmare, people would only be taxed for money when they withdraw from Google Bank. Google Bank could continue their “not evil” slogan and state-of-being and even offer competitive savings account rates while money is invested and held by their company.

I can see this needing an additional layer of security, but for a company that has traversed the globe and rolled out so many other helpful tools and products.

I’m not the only one thinking this

Google has been thinking about getting into banking, too! Since 2007, Google has held a banking license for digital banking services, issued by the Central Bank of the Netherlands. And rumors of an online “Google Wallet” were around since 2005! Perhaps integration in their G+ interface would allow Google a good start to being a bank for the people.

First allow people to share money back and forth – with a debit card to connect their banking business to the real world, such as PayPal and and ING do. Then offer credit cards and micro loans – then, who knows… mortgages?! I’d bet whatever they do, as long as they’re convenient and serving people on an individual level, they’d succeed.

I would look forward to making Google my bank of choice – if only for that “tip jar”.

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