0 thoughts on “Gmail isn’t collecting my POP email accounts reliably anymore”

  1. Not sure why – it only seemed to be collecting twice a day – and wasn't allowing me to send mail 🙁 Kept kicking messages back – after a DAY. Not good for business, for sure!! Frustrating.

  2. I remember Hotmail started a while back requiring me to log into the account every 30 days or something like that in order to continue that option. Not sure if that's the same issue or not.

  3. Did you try the thing (in the labs page I think, or maybe just settings) where you can get a button at the top of the page that lets you manually check POP emails anytime? Mine collects reliably, but if I know I'm getting an email to another account, or if I expect to be seeing something I haven't, I just click the button and it has always worked.

  4. Google is really falling apart and the sad thing is I think the majority of it is because of selfish motives.  Google has too many products now and every product has to consider it's impact on the other which takes away from a quality and simple product.

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