Excellent Gallery Plug-in for WordPress – NextGen

NOTE: I’ve been doing a lot of linking to other people’s site blogs. This is partly to help me remember where to find the information as well as to share with my clients (and anyone else) searching for similar solutions.

The NextGen Gallery plug-in is so comprehensive, I’ve set my husband’s photography site up with it, and I’ll be setting my site up with it shortly.

It gives you complete control of what page you’d like your gallery images to appear, the title and description of the images and it’s easy to move images from gallery to gallery. (if, for instance you would like to share your newer images on your home page, then be able to move them into their respective final gallery spot.)

You even have complete control over the order in which your images are viewed – and so much more.

One thing I was particularly impressed with – and it is something I’ve been searching for for a LONG time as a solution for a client of mine who went with a very rigid flash gallery because he wanted to have different background songs depending on which gallery people were viewing.

The NextGen gallery plug-in absolutely comes through. I’ll be sharing this information with my client so he can actually enjoy working with his online galleries rather than feel constrained by the rigid constraints of the gallery he’s using right now.

With regards to having different songs play on each slideshow, the NextGen people said it much better than I could recount it here, so here’s a link!

Also, here’s a link to download the plug-in, if you have a WordPress driven site.

Have fun!

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