Entrepreneurs – please share your G+ business pages!

Recently, +Rob Gordon shared a lot of entrepreneur circles which I'm honored to have been in one of them.

+Rae Ouzts shared her G+ business page tonight and it got me thinking – it would be great to support each other by sharing our business pages with one another.

My business page: +WebLight Media

Please share your G+ business page in the comments below if you have one so we may support each other – even if it's as simple as a "follow".

That way, I get to know more about your business and you get to know more about mine.

I'd notify people but the circle I created from Rob's shares became quite large… 994 people! (I didn't know they could get that big, hah! Did Google raise the maximum from 500?)

Photo credit: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2011/garage-sale-trail-open-for-business/

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25 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs – please share your G+ business pages!”

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