Easiest WordPress Tip of the Month EVER

Lynda.com offers lots of the beginner WordPress classes that are free of charge. Their learning format breaks training into smaller, digestible chunks to allow you to learn everything at your own pace. (Alternatively, you can also skip what you know and pick up a few classes on subjects you want to learn more about.)

There are many beginner classes that are free, and their monthly charge is pretty affordable if you want it all!

Also of note: Many of their training classes are now Closed Captioned for people who are hearing impaired or are otherwise unable to listen to the video. (Great for jedi-ninja-cubicle learning!)

The linked page should go to a WordPress search page on their site, but don't let that constrain you. If you have learning to do on many software or programming subjects, check out Lynda.com - you won't be disappointed.

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Lynda.com - search results "WordPress"

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  1. My pleasure to share, Chris! If you would like to be in my WordPress monthly tip notification circle, let me know and I can add you. I don't use notification more than once a month so as not to annoy anyone and hopefully keep things of interest.

    If anyone who was notified of this and prefers not to be in future, feel free to ask & I'll remove you promptly. I know notifications are very precious and don't want to abuse any rights.

  2. Will do, Bob. Best wishes with your site! If you want to catch up on some former WordPress tips of the month, you can visit my site ( jeanegan.com ) and click "Monthly Tips" in the sidebar to only view the monthly tips.

    Glad to be of help!


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