Diving into Roots today

(Thanks for the mention, way back when, +Jacques J.J. Soudan. Have you explored it much yet?)

This linked article recommends starting with examining and making child themes off of the default WP themes and after being comfortable with them, only going to Roots. Sounds like perfect timing for me. Not too soon and not too late.

I may not pull it into my production quite yet, but when the benefits outweigh what I'm currently using, that's when I see myself using roots as a standard theme to create a child theme from. 

When I tried this out previously, I found I couldn't go back to another theme afterwards without a lot of headache. I'm curious about the compatibility of moving away from Roots is these days.

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Roots Shouldn’t Be Your First WordPress Theme – Roots
Evolution by Jakob Vogel from The Noun Project We love Roots, these people love Roots, even the US Government loves Roots. It was created to make your life easier as a WordPress developer, and is a collection of valuable tools for creating better websites even faster. But, much like most new skills it is usually …

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  1. I looked at Roots, but it is too basic for me. I'm not a graphic designer so it would take too long to get something decent out of it…. There are several excellent themes out there, with a myriad of options, that I can tweak much faster (and at $40 or $50, those themes are ridiculously low priced).

    I like the 'idea' of building a theme myself, one day, but it would take a lot of time – and I wonder if it ever will pay off (other than learning from it, of course).

    But, don't let me discourage you – I realize you have better design-skills, so you might be able to get the best out of it – please share with us! 🙂


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