I’m lopsided! My earrings give me away!


This was taken after I had all my mercury fillings replaced with Cerec brand ceramic inlays. Good stuff. Not much “exciting” stuff to write about a dental x-ray, but neat to look at just the same.

And yes, my ears are lopsided! They’re off by a lot! Click on the picture if you want to see it larger.

UPDATE: I realized why I’m lopsided. I never liked my hair parting in the middle, so I tend to style it with a part on the right side. Subliminally, I was tilting my head to keep my part! Gheesh! How vain of me! I’ll just have to deal with a part in the middle of my head if it gets rid of this “TMJ”, or clicking jaw I have. I’ll post back, although I’m sure it’s not of concern to anybody but myself! 😉

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